Welcome to Sherman, SD
"The Little Town on the Prairie"


The Town of Sherman has initiated a text messaging service to inform
residents of road closures and issues within the town.
Participation is completely voluntary. If you wish to receive the text messages,
work with Lee Ellis to get your name and cell # on the list.
When you receive a message/notification from the town,
the sending phone # will show up as 605-349-1637.

Sherman 2023 Picnic

Sherman's Antique Fire Truck in the Jesse James Days Parade in Garretson
1928 Chevrolet Piloted by Bill and Jeanne Benson
(photo by Omar Thornton)
Thanks to Bill, Grant and Gerry for getting it running again

Sherman Town Picnic, August 5th, 2018 @ Strom Park
(This, very old, Merry Go Round hasn't turned for years and years
and at the town picnic the kids were playing on it and turning and riding it
as if it were brand new yesterday?!?!?!)

Sherman's new Playground!!
Named 'Tigers Park' in recognition and rememberance of the
 Sherman School 'Tigers'

A huge thank you to all those that contributed in some way to the project, whether it be
their time, their talents or their donations!!!

Town of Sherman, SD
Founded:  1888
Population: 78 in 2010 Census
25 miles northeast of Sioux Falls (how do I get there?)

Named after: 
Edwin  Sherman, director of the Willmar and Sioux Falls 
Railroad Company (learn more)

Sherman in 1909
Sherman in approx. 1909

The West side of Zeliff looking north from 1st St. (Approx. where The Bullet currently sits)
Above photo provided by the Askrens (ca. 1913)

Celebrated 125 years on August 25th, 2013

Pictures from the 125th Celebration