November 5, 2019

The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday Nov. 5, 2019 @ 7:30pm.

Members present: Lee Ellis, Gerry Karpen, Darrin Trower and Cheryl Swenson.

Others present: Kristy Trower

Ellis called the meeting to order.

Routine Business:

Approval of the Agenda: Karpen made a motion to approve the agenda, 2nd by Trower- 3ayes.

Minutes of the Oct. 1, 2019 were read: Karpen made a motion for the minutes to be approved as read 2nd by Trower—3 ayes

The Treasurers Report was approved as read: motion by Karpen to approve, 2nd by Trower—3 ayes.

Claims approved to be paid:

Minnehaha Community Water $30.00 for water, Zach Swenson $500.00 materials for gutters, Minnehaha County Treasurer $10.00 title transfer, Garretson Gazette $19.17 Sept. minutes $184.00 2020 Appropriation, SDML  Workers Comp Fund $541.00 insurance, Xcel Energy $279.81 street lights $28.20 park lights, $30.75 town hall lights ,Luke Bonte $90.00 3 times mowing.

Old Business:

1.       Gutters on Town Hall--need a gutter put on back shed above the door when they do the Town Hall.

2.       Snow Removal—Lucas Swenson will do the plowing on Friday- Sun, R&R will do the plowing Monday thru Thursday. Prices will stay the same as last year.

3.       Drag—Duncan has some of the materials to make drag, just needs some chains.

New Business:

     1. Burn pile—Benson does not want to do it anymore—Ellis will get someone to push pile together.

     2. Christmas decorations- Board has decided not to put up the old decorations, they are looking into banners to put up instead.

     3. Set date for the Bullet’s Alcoholic Beverage License—Date is set for Dec 3, 2019 @8:00pm.-Motion by Karpen, 2nd by Trower—3 ayes.

     4. Chickens—have some complaints on chickens running loose in residents yards. Trower will talk to the residents on keeping the chickens penned up.

Motion by Karpen to adjourn meeting, 2nd by Trower—3 ayes. Next regular meeting Tuesday Dec. 3, 2019 @ 7:30pm.

Chery Swenson Town Clerk