August 6, 2019

The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday August 6,2019 @ 7:30pm.

Members Present: Gerry Karpen, Darrin Trower and Cheryl Swenson.

Absent: Lee Ellis

Others Present: Kristy Trower and Kara Duncan.

Karpen called the meeting to order.

Approval of the agenda: Motion by Karpen to approve the agenda, 2nd by Trower-2 ayes.

Routine Business:

Minutes of the July 2, 2019 was approved as read-Motion by Karpen to approve, 2nd by Trower-2 ayes.

The Treasurerís report was approved as read- Motion by Karpen to approve, 2nd by Trower- 2ayes.

Claims Approved to be paid:

Minnehaha Community Water $30.00 for water, Gerry Karpen $122.00 for battery, $501.87 for tires for antique fire truck, Buffalo Ridge Concrete $1,362.04 for 96 yards of gravel, Garretson Gazette $27.38 June minutes, $20.28 notice of public hearing, Xcel Energy $276.67 street lights, $27.82 park lights, $32.97 town hall lights, Bill Benson $160.00 4x mowing, Darrin Trower $32.51 2 garbage cans and locks, $160.00 4x mowing Strom Park, $140.00 4x mowing city lots, Luke Bonte $240.00 8x mowing.

Old Business:

1.       Stone for Tiger Park: Swenson talked to someone to get a bid on what it would cost, they will get back to her with a bid.

2.       Sherman picnic: Ellis will order the hamburger, brats, buns, condiments and paper plates. Residents volunteered to bring salads and bars.

New Business:

1.       Rental form for tables and chairs: a new rental form was made-Motion by Karpen to accept new rental form Resolution 2019-3, 2nd by Trower-2 ayes

2.       Tubes for tires on antique Fire truck- Motion by Karpen to get tubes for the tires on antique Fire Truck and take out of the improvement fund, 2nd by Trower-2 ayes.

3.       2020 Budget: First reading of the 2020 budget.

Motion by Karpen to adjourn meeting, 2nd by Trower-2 ayes. Next regular meeting Tuesday September 3, 2019 @ 7:30pm.

Cheryl Swenson Town Clerk