January 8, 2013


The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday December 4, 2012, 7:30 p.m. at the Sherman Town Hall with Lee Ellis presiding.  

Members present: Lee Ellis, Kara Duncan, Bill Benson, Cheryl Swenson and Robin Berg

Others present: Neil Winerton, Gerry Karpen, Kenneth and Linda Askren. Minnehaha County E.M. Lynn DeYoung and Garretson Fire Dep. Ryan Loughery.  




Minutes of the December 4, 2012, meeting was approved Motion by; Duncan, second by; Benson.   

The treasurerís report was approved as read. Motion by; Duncan, second by; Benson.  




Xcel Energy, street lights $206.78; park lights $17.14; town hall lights $16.94; Minnehaha Community Water, December Water $25.00; Palisades Propane $341.58; Anderson Publications, Nov. Minutes $22.35; Dec. Minutes $24.44; Budget $54.62; Golden Palms Casino, McDonalds gift card $50.00; SECOG, annual dues $182.00; Gerry Karpen, snowplow parts $49.59;




1.     Tornado Siren, just about done, in side work to do.   

2.     Centennial / Tabled

3.     Fire Department Treasurer Report. Ellis made a motion; to disband the fire department, second by: Duncan, Voted 3 ayes, no naysí.

4.     One Year CD has to be renewed.

5.     Minutes for 2002-2003 Tabled.

6.     Painting of the Fire Hall./Tabled




1.      Set salaries for 2013, will stay the same, President will receive $30.00 per meeting, Trustees will receive $25.00 per meeting, Town Clerk and Treasurer $500.00 per year, Zoning Administrator $100.00 per year.

2.       Appoint Town Clerk, Robin Berg; Treasurer, Cheryl Swenson; Town Paper, The Garretson Gazette; Town Attorney, Dean Hammer.

3.      Publish Board Vacancy.


Motion by; Ellis to adjourn, second by Benson; The next regular meeting will be February 5, at 7:30 p.m.

Robin Berg Town Clerk