June 2012 Minutes

June, 5th, 2012


The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday June, 5th, 2012, 7:30 p.m. at the Sherman Town Hall with President Lee Ellis presiding.  


Members present:  Lee Ellis, Kara Duncan, Cheryl Swenson and Robin Berg

Members absent: Bill Benson


Others present: Larry and Sandee Sutton, Linda Askren, David Derschan and Neil Winerton




Minutes of the May 1, 2012, meeting were approved as read, with corrections: Mosquito Control: Duncan will inquire. Motion by: Duncan second by Ellis,


The treasurerís report was read and approved. Motion by: Duncan, second by Ellis. 




Xcel Energy, street lights $226.00, park lights $17.65 town hall lights $26.00; Anderson Publications April Minutes $18.18; Bill Benson yellow chain, bolts, fasteners $80.00; Jesse James 17.4 gal of gas $60.93; Manley Tire and Oil, two tires and service call $180.78; Lee Ellis 7 meetings $210.00; Kara Duncan 7 meetings $175.00; Bill Benson 7 meetings $175.00; Larry Sutton 6 month salary $100.00; Danessa Keener 2 month salary $83.00; Robin Berg 3 month salary $124.50; Cheryl Swenson 6 month salary $250.00; Kallie Swenson 3x mowing $90.00; Lucas Swenson 3x mowing $75.00 Jacob Berg 4x mowing $120.00 Bolteís Sunrise Sanitary 2 dumpsters $556.50;




1.     Bullet Malt Beverage License, was approved, a motion was made by: Duncan, second by: Ellis.  Duncan, made a motion for a vote: two ayes: motion carried

2.     All work for the road grader has been completed with the exception of brake work, which will be completed at a later date.

3.     First Responded, tabled.

4.     Tornado Siren working on it

5.     Post and chains, added to the Agenda, are up, from first to second on Packard Ave. Benson would like to install posts and chains on Packard Ave. from Second to Railroad.  Bergs do not like the post and chains.  The subject was tabled until next meeting when other suggestions will be presented. Duncan will relay the message to Benson. 

6.     Mowing Bids was added to the Agenda.  Joel and Kim Swenson did not accept the bid for North Park.  Neil Winerton will do the North Park.

7.     Citywide rummage, date set for August 3 rd, 2012.

8.     Mosquito Control, tabled.

9.     Gravel for roads, added to the Agenda, will be ordered.




1.     Sherman Website, Gerry Karpen will pay for the renewal.  Motion by Duncan, second by Ellis to pay Karpen for the fee prior to the next meeting.  An estimate of $100 was given.

2.      Pre-Disaster update, tabled.

3.     Building Permit was added to the Agenda.  Larry Sutton approved a building permit for a garage at 45 Zeliff Avenue.  The project has begun and there is a dispute as to the 20 feet requirement.  A hearing date needs to be set for David Derschan once the requirement paperwork has been received.


Motion by Duncan to adjourn, second by Ellis.  The next regular meeting will be July 3, 2012, at 7:30 p.m.    


Town Clerk Robin Berg