August 7th, 2012


The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday August 7, 2012, 7:30 p.m. at the Sherman Town Hall with Kara Duncan presiding.  

Members present: Kara Duncan, Bill Benson, Cheryl Swenson and Robin Berg

Members absent: Lee Ellis

Others present: Ann Thiel, Gerry and Ellen Karpen




Minutes of the July 3, 2012, meeting was approved as read. Motion by; Duncan, second by; Benson.   

The treasurerís report was approved as read. Motion by; Duncan, second by; Benson.  



Xcel Energy, street lights $226.27, park lights $17.66 town hall lights $21.94; Anderson Publications, June Minutes $26.82; July Minutes$22.35; Board of Adjustments, $11.92; Notice of Public Hearing, $7.45; Minnehaha Community Water, July Water, $25.00 Dean Hammer, 1.7 Hours Legal Service $255.00; Attorney Annual Dues, $20.00;L.G. Everist, 20 Loads of Gravel $1,908.69; Eldon Semmen, Hauling 20 Loads of Gravel $1,100.00; Bill Benson, Steel Post $20.00; Schuneman, Parts $20.80; Cheryl Swenson, 2 Fans & Paper Towels $37.92; Kallie Swenson 1x mowing $30.00; Jacob Berg 2x mowing $60.00;



1.     First Responded; tabled.

2.     Railroad Ties Menards does have them; Berg will get 40 of them from Menards.  The price for the railroad ties will be the same as putting up chain fence.

3.     Tornado Siren, Benson has been in contact with the electricians and will continue to work on the project.

4.     Citywide rummage, the citywide rummage was not held as scheduled and the Sherman Town Board would like to extend an apology for all that were inconvenienced.

5.     Revenue and Expenditures, Berg will present budget ordinance draft at the next regular meeting.

6.     Pay SDPAA, has not been received.



1.      Hagen Benefits sent back with up dates.

2.      Receive Workers Comp Survey; tabled

3.    Obnoxious weeds and unkept properties were discussed.  The property owner(s) will be contacted individually and privately.

4.      Alleys; also need Gravel; Will be address in the spring 2013.


Motion by; Duncan to adjourn, second by; Benson.  The next regular meeting will be September, 4th,2012, at 7:30 p.m.        

Robin Berg Town Clerk