March 19, 2012




Local Board of Equalization Meeting


The Town of Sherman South Dakota convened as a Board of Equalization on March 19th, 2012. Board members present were: Kara Duncan, Lee Ellis, Bill Benson and Darla Dewit of the Garretson school board. Chairman Lee Ellis called the meeting to order.

Actions taken by the board of the following equalization matter are shown below:

ID 24155

Legal description: W. Block 4, Sherman 200 2nd St. original subdivision

Owner: Gerry and Ellen Karpen

A motion was made by: Duncan to change143, 593 to 133,593 second by: Ellis

Duncan made a motion for a vote: four ayes: motion carried: value went up last year and did not get paper work in to change value.


Motion by Duncan second by Ellis to adjourn as a board of equalization.


3/19/2012 Clerk Robin Berg