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September 7, 2010

The Sherman Board met in regular session Tuesday Sept. 7, 2010 @ 7:30pm at the Sherman
town hall with President Kara Duncan presiding.

Members present: Kara Duncan, Robin Berg, Bill Benson, and Cheryl Swenson.
Others present: Neil Winterton, Gerry and Ellen Karpen, Margaret Pritchard, Danny Paul
LaRon Smit.

Routine Business:

The adgenda was read and corrections were made to add Toby Brown, painting of the
park, and town picnic then approved motion by Berg, 2nd by Benson.

Minutes of the Aug 3 meeting were read with corrections to maintain alley way, motion
by Berg, 2nd by Benson.
Treasurers report was read and approved motion by Benson, 2nd by Berg.

Claims approved to be paid:
SDPAA 1937.97 insurance, Jesse James 17.5 gas 45.54. 10 gas 26.14, Xcel Energy 236.12 lites
Minnehaha Comminity Water 25.00 Aug water, Robin Berg 33.80 milage, Brian Berg 90.00
3x mowing, Virgil Inglett 175.00 5x mowing and 15.00 clean park, Neil Winterton 125.00 5x
Old Business:

1. Clerk--may have someone in town interested.
2. E-mail is up--
3.Gerry is working on web-site--will email minutes to him.
4. Alley update- everyone did a good job on it.

Open floor to Old Business: none

New Business:

1. First reading of the Annual Appropiation Ordiance-- mil leavy needs to be in by Oct.1, 2010
2. Special meeting Sept. 13th at 7:30pm for second reading.
3. Pre-disaster meeting: Robin will go to these -- 5 in all-- and come back with ideas for the town.
4. Toby from SECog will be here Oct 5 at 6:30pm.
5. Painting the park --Mike will paint--need more paint
6. town picnic-- Lee will get that going.

Open floor to New Business:

1. LaRon Smit wants to know about putting a mobile home on property that is older than 10 years-
Needs to talk to Larry Sutton pur planning and zoning person.
2. MCEDA-- Neil will talk to them.

Motion to adjorn by Berg, 2nd by Benson
Next meeting will be Oct. 5, 2010 at 7:30pm
Acting Town Clerk
Cheryl Swenson