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May 4, 2010  

            The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday May 4, 2010, 7:30pm at the town hall with
            Robin Berg calling the meeting to order.

            Members present: Robin Berg, Bill Benson, Cheryl Swenson, and Kara Duncan
            Others present: Virgil Inglett, Neil Winterton, and Larry Sutton

            Routine Business:

            The agenda was read and approved, motion by Berg 2nd by Benson
            Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved, motion by Berg, 2nd by Benson
            Treasurers report was read and approved, motion by Berg, 2nd by Benson

            Claims approved to be paid:

            Anderson Publication 121.39 ads, Randy Pierret 150.00 snowblowing, Excel Energy 297.46 lites, Minnehaha Community water 23.00 April water, Virgil Inglett 70.00 2x mowing 25.00 clean park, Brandon True Value 12.49 batteries, Gerry Karpen 175.00 7 meetings, Robin Berg 175. 7 meetings, Bill Benson 175.00 7 meetings, Cheryl Swenson 250.00 salary 125.00 half clerk salary, Brian Berg 90.00 3x mowing, Neil Winterton 50.00 2x mowing 45.00 5hrs grading, Larry Sutton 100.00 salary.

            Old Business:

            1 Kara Duncan sworn in
            2 Elect Board President__ Kara nominated by Berg, 2nd by Benson__Duncan new President
            3 Town clerk
            4 Insurance__tabled til next month
            5 Dumpster comes on Friday May 7__new one on monday

            Open floor to old business: none

            New Business:

            1 Fire dept tanker
            2 Special hearing for the Bullet malt berverage license is June 1,2010 at 8:00pm

            Open floor to new business: none

            Motion to adjorn by Benson, 2nd by Duncan

            Next meeting Tues June 1st,2010, 7:30pm

            Acting Town Clerk
            Cheryl Swenson