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July 13, 2010

The agenda was read and approved, motion by Berg, 2nd by Benson.

Routine Business:

Minutes of the June 1, 2010 meeting were read and approved, motion by Berg, 2nd by Benson
The Treasurers report was read and approved, motion by Berg, 2nd by Benson.

Claims approved to be paid:
Anderson Publications 69.34 minutes, Xcel Energy 231.09 lites, Jesse James 153.40 gas,
Minnehaha Community Water 30.00 June water, Department of Revenue & Regulation 25.00 fee,
Virgil Inglett 175.00 5x mowing 10.00 cleaning park, Neil Winterton 150.00 6x mowing 18.00
2hrs grading, Brian Berg 210.00 7x mowing, Schuneman Equipment 39.00 parts.

Old Business:

1. Town clerk-- still looking

Open floor to old business: none

New Business:

1. Alley issue-- Michael Pritchard brought a petition with 13 names asking for the alley
between 1st and 2nd behind his house to have a no throu sigh put up-- A
lenthly discussion on the alley.
2.City will have attorney look at petition.
3. Will put gravel down on the ruts in alley and cut shrubs.
4. need to cut up old bleachers
5. looked over appropriation ordiance
6 pipes in park--Robin will pick up
7 will check on survery

Open floor to new business: none

Motion to adjorn by Berg, 2nd by Benson.
Next meeting Tues Aug. 3, 2010 at 7:30pm.
Acting Town Clerk
Cheryl Swenson