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April 6, 2010


          The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday April 6,

2010, @ 7:30pm at the Sherman town hall with President Gerry Karpen


            Members present: Gerry Karpen, Bill Benson, Robin Berg and

Cheryl Swenson.

            Others present: Neil Winterton and Ellen Karpen.


            Routine Business:


Minutes of the March meeting were read and

approved, motion by Berg, 2nd by Benson

            Treasurers report was read and approved, motion by Berg, 2nd by



            Claims approved to be paid:

            Lowe Sand & Gravel 250.00 1load of rock, Vandersnick Excavating

150.00 snow removal, Anderson Publications 193.92 ads, Xcel Energy 300.25 lites, Jesse James 78.76 27.1

diesel, Minnehaha Community Water 30.00, water, Neil Winterton 36.00 4hrs labor.


            Old Business:


            1 Town Clerk

            2 motion made to add 125.00 to Cheryl Swensons salary for acting

clerk, motion by Karpen, 2nd by Benson, all ayes.


            Open floor to old business: none


            New Business:


            1 Clean up day is May 8 and 9 with dumpsters

            2 Bids for mowing__ motion to accept all 3 bids by Berg, 2nd by


            3 Check on a different tanker truck

            4 Palisade Propane Contract:_not to renew it


            Open floor to New Business: none


            Motion to adjourn by Berg, 2nd by Benson. Next meeting May 4,2010

@ 7:30pm


            Acting Town Clerk

            Cheryl Swenson