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September 11, 2007

The Sherman Town Board met in regular session Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 7:30 p.m. at the Sherman Town Hall with President Robin Berg presiding. 

      Members present:  Robin Berg, Sandee Sutton, Cheryl Swenson and Ann Thiel.

      Member absent:  Gerry Karpen.

      Others present:  Toby Brown.


The Agenda was approved with the addition of the Mill Levy to new business.

Minutes of the August 7, 2007, meeting were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Minnehaha Community Water Corp., water, $22.50; Argus Leader Media, August meeting minutes, $39.82; Xcel Energy, electricity, $219.20; Virgil Inglett, 5 times mowing, $150.00; Brian Berg, 3 times mowing, $75.00; Neil Winterton, 5 times mowing, $100.00; Postmaster, stamps, $41.00; SDPAA, property and liability insurance, $2,226.80. 


1.       The Garretson FFA will begin installing the playground equipment in September. 

2.       Street work – Packard Ave tabled to next meeting.

3.       Karpen sent a letter to the Minnehaha County Fire Chiefs Association advising them that due to few residents being available to staff a fire department and respond to calls during the day, the Town Board has come to the decision that it is time to dissolve the Sherman Volunteer Fire Department. 


4.       Thiel reported that the SD Department of Revenue sent a letter advising that Sherman has been overpaid for sales tax revenue for the year in the amount of $1760.53.  Revenue checks will be withheld until the State has recouped the overpayment.

5.       The current property insurance does not cover the contents of the storage building, and the playground equipment is covered for liability only, according to Ladene Bachtell of Hagan Benefits.  Board members recalled that when the slide was damaged, insurance covered the repair.  Also, it was believed that the vehicles are covered separately.  Thiel will further research the issue. 

6.       Eric Rose requested that the Board consider contracting with the Minnehaha County Sheriff for regular patrol.  Sutton will contact the Sheriff’s office for information.  It was noted that the Sheriff currently makes frequent, unscheduled patrols through Sherman .

7.       In preparation for the 2010 Census, Sherman has been invited to participate in the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) program.  Thiel will handle updating this information.

8.       Individuals from outside of Sherman have been dumping trees and branches in the Sherman brush pile.  Berg will write a letter to the editor of the Garretson Weekly advising that the brush pile is available to Sherman residents only.

9.       Decision regarding changing the mill levy tabled to September Special Session (date to be determined).

10.   Eric Rose building permit application has been reviewed by the Zoning Administrator.  The application is incomplete, so has not been approved.

11.   To assist residents in completing a Building Permit Application, a sample will be posted online at

12.   Toby Brown of SECOG will return in 2008 to assist Board members in refining the Zoning Ordinances.


13.   Second reading of Ordinance 2007-1: Revised Municipal Ordinances.  Motion by Sutton to approve, second by Berg.  Motion carried.  Ordinances will be effective October 15, 2007.

14.   First reading Ordinance 2007-2: Appropriation Ordinance tabled to September Special Session (date to be determined).

Motion by Sutton to adjourn, second by Berg.

The next regular meeting will be October 2, 2007, at 7:30 p.m.      


                                    Ann Thiel

Town Clerk


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