Tuesday Jan. 8. 2019

                                                         Proposed Agenda

(Comments and questions are allowed throughout the meeting, please be respectful, brief and on-topic)

Call the meeting to order:

Routine Business:

Approval of the agenda

1.       Approval of the Dec. 11, 2018 meeting minutes

2.       Approval of the Treasurers report

Old Business:

1.       Planning Commission & Comprehensive Zoning Plan

New Business:

1.       Set salaries for year

2.       Appoint Town Clerk, Treasurer, Paper and City Attorney

3.       Rental of tables, chairs, and Town Hall

4.       Rezoning applications costs

5.       Publish two Town vacancies for two consecutive weeks. Jan 17th and Jan 24th. Earliest day to file

Petition is Jan 25th and deadline for petition is Feb. 22 at 5:00pm.

6.       Additional clerk pay  ($41.66)

7.       Snowplowing—switch to outside contractor

Next meeting Tuesday February 5th, 2019 @7:30 pm